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5 Watches under $200 for the women in your life

1. The Michael Kors Women’s Parker Rose Gold under $130, the timeless piece will make a great addition to your jewelry collection. The classic round case shape is made perfectly feminine with a glitz topring and matching dial.

2. The Seiko Women’s Two-Tone Crystal Solar Bracelet under $125. This very elegant watch is designed to keep you on time and in style.

3. Right now, we’re in love with this Timex Unisex Weekender and it comes in a multitude of colors too! At under $55. This watch is so versatile as well as sturdy, this is the perfect watch when you just feel like being yourself.

4. This Anne Klein Women’s Swarovski watch under $100 has such a sophisticated design, be ready for any occasion with this chic Anne Klein watch!

5. The Fossil Stainless Steel and Leather Casual Watch has such a vintage design, yet remains very crisp and light. A timepiece with an automatic winding movement obtains the power to wind itself by the movement of your wrist, there is no battery. Under $75.

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