Make their day to day easier with these 8 phone accessories under $10

With the current digital age, it’s very hard to find anyone without a smartphone. However, they still come with their fair share of issues but with this list of highly rated accessories we’ve compiled below, we are certain that at least one of them will change or at least make someone’s life much better!

1. Always losing your charging cords and/or headphones? Add some order to your life by checking out this compact Shockproof Carrying Case. It can hold all the little stuff including your charger, USB cables, small headphones, and memory cards.

2. Check out this little handy Bicycle Phone Holder that will make your bike rides so much smoother! The elastic silicone bands tie your phone firmly to the bike even on a bumpy rocky road.

3. This very popular Car Phone Mount will hold most smartphones and just a push of the button can automatically release the bracket and let go your phone!

4. Make your on the go routine easier by keeping your essentials in this Adhesive Phone Wallet Kit. The kit comes with a stick on wallet Gecko Phone Wallet, Phone Stand Holder, 1 RFID Card sleeve, Earphone Untangler, and a Microfiber Screen Cleaner.

5. While in the office, keep your phone on this sturdy and sophisticated stand that adds a modern flavor to your work environment. It has a solid aluminum construction and can be used for tablets and E-readers as well.

6. Looking for something funkier, check out this Thumbs-up Phone Stand that will make everyone smile. It’s adjustable, supporting both vertical and horizontal.

7. Stop dropping your phone while keeping your hands free with this Finger Strap phone holder. 

8. A Collapsible Grip & Stand is just plain essential at this age. Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops. 

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